I met Josephine Ramos about one year ago.  I immediately felt comfortable with her and eagerly got on her table to experience a sample of her FACIAL SCULPTING  procedure.  I loved it immediately and could not wait to have a full session.  I began my treatments a week later.  After six treatments the saggin jowls were gone!!!!!!  The "pouch" beneath my left jaw....... which had always been a family trademark, .............WAS GONE.  The pouch is still gone a year later and I go to Josephine for a facial and treatment every month.  With every session my skin looks brighter and tighter.  It is the best investment I have made in my beauty and skin routine!!!!!!!!!! 
                                                                  – Linda Rosenfeld, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor 

I loved the treatment I received from Josephine. It really helped. She did much more for me than  the dermatologist. The dermatologist made me use different medications on my face that really irritated my skin. Josephine knew exactly how to treat my acne. She was very gentle – I used to sleep through my treatments. I am so happy with the condition of my skin now. I highly recommend her!  

– Erin Wright, age 16 , St. Petersburg, Florida

Erin had been fighting serious acne for over five years. She treated with a dermatologist for approximately four years. The dermatologist had prescribed many different topical medications for Erin’s skin, some to be used just at night, some to be used just during the day, some both day and night, some just a few times each week. It was very tedious keeping track of the medications. The medications seemed to just cause greater irritation, dry out her skin, make her more susceptible to sun burns, and do very little to actually treat the acne. All the dermatologist did was look at her skin, prescribe and continue to recommend the topical medications, and tell her to maintain the same regimen with the medications. In fact, there was very little improvement with any treatment by the dermatologist after four years of treatment. Erin then obtained acne facial treatments from Josephine. We ceased taking Erin to the dermatologist, and ceased having Erin use the prescription medications. Erin treated with Josephine for over a year. There was improvement in Erin’s skin after the first few visits, and then dramatic improvement thereafter. What a difference! Erin’s skin looks fabulous. Thank you Josephine! – Debbie Wright, St. Petersburg, Florida

To Sensational Skin, Josephine Ramos

Thank you Josephine for the wonderful care I receive when I get my facial treatments at your spa. For those of you who are considering glycolic microdermabrasion, chemical peals, facial toning or other facial skin treatment Josephine is the only specialist to go to. I have been going to Sensational Skin for 2 years and buying her dermal care products, which help in between treatments with great satisfaction.  What ever Josephine recommends, I do, because she is truly a master clinician. She  has educated me on facial cleaning and toning, and remedies for the prevention of my unsightly blemishes due to my oily skin. I 'm 60+, and every treatment my skin  glows and I feel younger. Carol N, St. Petersburg

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